Change your names. Change your life

Change your names. Change your life

Change your names with MentalQuantum and awesome things will happen. Why? Because you change your vibration. And Your VIBRATION is everything. Ask me about Quantum Transformation. LOVE Marysia Ell Stepniewicz

“If you want things in your life to change, you gonna have to change things in your life.”

You have to change your thoughts,
Change your mobile number,
Change your vocabulary patterns,
Change your fb account,
Change what you see and what you hear,
Change the way you dress,
Change the way you walk,
Change the way you talk,
And Change your name as well,(that’s what I did)
Change, change and change to be the “CHANGE”

Burn the bridges.

Burn all the bridges, burn all the things that belong to the past which includes photos and videos as well. Because when you look at them you remember about the past where you no longer belong it. And some of you say “OMG, that’s so hard. I can’t “change” that.” Well, that’s what I am talking about. “CHANGE”.

“You can’t do any of these old things over and over and over again and expect a different result.” ~Arren Redd

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