Calculate your Personal Year Number

Calculate your Personal Year Number for 2017

Your Personal Year will shed light on the themes and issues you will encounter in the coming year. It is easy to calculate a Personal Year if you follow these steps:
• Write down your date of birth
• Reduce the month and day and year to a single digit number as follows and you will get QT number
• QT: 2+8+1+0+1+9+8+2=4
• What is the value of 2017?
• Add your QT number 4 to the value of 2017 -1 to get 5, to give you your Personal Year for 2017.

What 2017 is going to bring for TQ2

Your 2017 personal numeric vibration will condition you into self-expression and self-enhancement. It’s time to take advantage of your abilities in oral culture. Writing the book, lecturing, singing, playing on stage will help you to express yourself. Prove to everyone that you are a self-confident person that you know how to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and you are not afraid to do this.

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What TQ are you ?

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