I always liked science. Since I remember I was fascinated by new technology, psychology and leading.

I studied physics, IT science. Marketing and Management, MBA, Psychology for success (consciousness) plus many others. I worked on ERP and CRM systems. I built a lot of projects especially for HR while working with Management Consulting companies.

After graduating I worked internationally managing project teams. I experienced the culture of foreign countries and the mentality. of their inhabitants. I often saw that people are not doing what they should. I always objected to the system for recruiting and hiring people, which was based on the existing criteria such as qualification, skills and experience. I wanted to understand how people can see their greatest flow instead of following the status quo. Consequently, I decided to create a new practical philosophy and system which clearly determines the tasks for which the individual was born. Terms such as IQ and EQ are now standard. But hardly anyone engages in natural qualification, or talent with which you are born. TQ is your talent – a deep instinct saved, unlike traditional skills which can be learned or acquired.

I always was fascinated by artificial intelligence. 
That is why my greatest achievement was creation of The Quantum Talent Management. It is a system thanks to which you will discover your strongest talents, profession and life mission. It will actually surprise you how precisely these attributes can be described. Skills you will naturally learn. This is a new holistic approach.
My Mission is: To Change The Global Mentality About Talent Management.

My core mission is: To built  Support Consciousness System which can support you in all areas.

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