Welcome on Mental Quantum page 🙂

I’m Maria Stepniewicz and my greatest talent is leading. I have a power, knowledge, instinct to lead you  to the place where you need to be. I work holistically because we are not only human being  in this body but we have soul, brain, energy, past lives.  We are Existence. I work with psychology for success, hypnosis, numerology, Quantum physic, Consciousness, business knowledge,  TQ and much more.

I  have master’s degree in IT science. Marketing and Management, MBA. I also studied physics, psychology for success (consciousness) plus many other. I was on all continents besides those icy. Every year I spend approx. four months educating myself so you to have access to the top knowledge. I’m the creator of the method of QTM. System through which you will discover your strongest talents, professional and life mission.

My life mission is to create system through you will be able create everything what you are desire: health, well being, relationship, perfect body, love etc.

By buying any of my product not only you do a major milestone in the development of self-development, but also you support the system of artificial intelligence, which will support the self healing QHM.